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Endopeel CoInventor Mauro Tiziani

Case Study

            Special Female Abdominopexy


Mauro Tiziani

Endopeel CoInventor & Worldwide Endopeel Trainer
 Female Patient  between 40 y and 55 y-  
  • with a history of lipoplasty

Female Abdominopexy 1st session

Immediate Result after 30 minutes
female abdominopexy 1st session


static view

  • Dropping Skin post Lipoplasty

  • Appearance of vertical abdominal skin wrinkles

  • Peri Umbilical Dehydrated Skin 


  • The chosen techniques have been those of  A.TENENBAUM & M.TIZIANI combining vectors and tensors .
  • Results are excellent from 1 st session but other sessions are needed to obtain the perfection.
  • It shows again that in case of any post lipoplasty imperfections, Endopeel is the solution. 


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